John Gotti’s Hitman Exposes The Dark Side of Mafia

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Valuetainment Interviews

Interview with Patrick Bet-David

John Alite was part of the Gambino family as an associate, he has been known as one of the main hitman for the Gambino family. Patrick Bet-David talks to John Gotti’s hitman at his podcast.

How did you begin to have a relationship with John Gotti Jr?
Were you guys friend? At what age did you meet John Gotti Jr?

Growing up as a kid at what age were you forced to survive in that area?

My father was a fanatic about fighting about fighting and not taking bully. At the gnarly age of 3 years old we were actually working on doing push-ups, and we had a routine in baseball and boxing, those were his two sports. He would bring kids back and learn how to box with them. My father grew up in a neighborhood that was tough so he had to learn to be tough.

Former mafia enforcer John Alite speaks with Patrick-Bet-David on his Valuetainment channel.

Patrick Bet-David talks to John Gotti’s hitman

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