3 Documentaries & Biographies about The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)

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Dwayne Johnson

The Rock Docs

Learn ALL about The Rock and his way into nonstop success. One of the most beloved and well known celebrity of our time is definitely Dwayne Johnson, The Rock.

First YouTube documentary is: People’s Champ

People’s Champ

The Rock Story, Full Career Documentary

People’s Champ – The Rock Documentary – Full Career History of The Rock

Second YouTube documentary is: The Rock, wrestler, actor, ex-criminal

The Rock: Wrestler, actor, ex-criminal

The Rock: Ex-Wrestler, actor, aex-criminal

Third Rock documentary and biography is: A life of extraordinary achievement by THE ROCK.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock: A life of extraordinary achievement

The Rock Biography: A life of extraordinary eachievement


The Rock being The Rock.

An adorable wholesome moment has been going viral featuring Teh Rock and a little Sophomore girl who is very excited and shaking as she meets her idol. Dwayen ends up taking selfies and v ideo with her.

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